As a youth (aged 14-29), caregiver, or agency representative/service provider with experience with youth mental health and addictions, we would like to invite you to participate in this online survey asking about your preferences for Integrated Service Hubs (ISHs).

Integrative Service Hubs (ISHs) are being funded and developed across Ontario to provide services to youth with mental health and/or addictions challenges, where multiple services will be available in a single location. The purpose of this survey is to better understand preferences for service components and service characteristics of ISHs.

Who should participate in this study: residents of Ontario, youth (aged 14-29) with lived experience with mental health and/or addictions, caregivers of youth (aged 14-29) with lived experience with mental health and/or addictions, service providers/agency representatives with experience supporting youth (aged 14-29) with mental health and/or addictions.

Participation is completely voluntary. You do not have to answer every question and can stop at any time with no penalty. The online survey can be completed at a time that is convenient to you. The survey will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. In this study, you will be asked to provide demographic information and complete a brief mental health screener (youth and caregivers only). Next, individuals will be asked to choose preferences across different types of service characteristics/components options:

Examples: (1) Access to services (length of wait times, hours operation), (2) Service setting (location and design), (3) Service components (types of services offered), (4) Service delivery (age ranges, # sessions), (5) Service attributes (values of organization), (6) Service providers (e.g. physician, social worker).

To express our appreciation for completing the survey, compensation will be in the form of draws to win Amazon e-gift cards. At the end of the survey, there will be an option to enter your email address to be eligible for the draw. At the end of the study period, we will be holding 3 separate draws for youth, caregivers and service providers and each of the 3 draws will consist of the following prizes: $500 (1x); $100 (x5), $50 (x10), and $10 (x 25), Amazon e-gift cards.

We will be using your email to send e-gift cards to the winners of the draw. Please consider providing an email address that does not contain identifying information (e.g., 12345@gmail.com). Your survey responses are protected; they are not linked to information that could identify you. However, if you use an email address that contains identifying information, there is a small risk that you could be identified as a participant in a study at CAMH. The draws will happen approximately 3-4 months after the survey links are posted. By participating in this study, you will be helping researchers by giving your perspective. The results of this study will used to guide the development of ISHs, which will help to shape these services to better meet the needs of youth and their families.

There are no expected risks in completing this study. You will be identified by a numerical code in the stored data, which will be saved on our encrypted and secure servers at CAMH. Only research staff will have access to the study data. All appropriate security measures will be followed to safeguard confidentiality of all participants’ data. For any reports developed from this data, we will only report on the group as a whole, not on your individual responses. Confidentiality is assured to the extent permitted by the law.

As part of the Research Services Quality Assurance Program, this study may be monitored and/or audited by a member of the Quality Assurance Team. Data will be destroyed at the end of the study period.

If you want more information about the study, please contact researcher, Dr. Lisa Hawke, at 416-535-8501 ext. 39026 or Lisa.Hawke@camh.ca, or Dr. Joanna Henderson, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, at 416-535-8501 ext. 34959 or Joanna.Henderson@camh.ca. If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in a research study, you may contact Dr. Robert Levitan, Chair, Research Ethics Board, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, at 416 535 8501 ext. 34020.